Hi everyone and welcome!

In here you will find a range of different types of WAM content from me and Tayler Texas. Some of the videos will be solo boy, some will be solo girl, and some will be B/G. You will get to see everything from some nice wet showers to some down and dirty play in cakes, syrups, and slimes. Right now we are going to be uploading twice per week through the month of October, and will then find out our update frequency after that.

In celebration of my opening this store here on UMD, VIPs can use code UMD15VIP to take 15% off your purchase throughout the month of October. If youre not a VIP member on UMD, I highly recommend upgrading!

Welcome again, and enjoy the mess!
A Little Extra Birthday Dessert
Added 4 hours ago    137 views

I've just finished filming another video and am covered in chocolate cake and icing. I still want to get messier though. I dig in my pantry and find strawberry icing, strawberry syrup, and blue cake writing gel. I swim in the chocolatey mess alrea...

Tayler's 24th Birthday Gets a Bit Messy
Added Friday    1068 views

Wearing an all white dress with white stockings, white panties, a garter belt, and high heels, I decide to celebrate my 24th birthday by playing in a huge chocolate sheet cake. I slam my tits and ass into it, dirty my clothes and my body, and then s...

My First Solo Sliming!
Added Wednesday    232 views

I've done a lot of wamming but have never actually done a solo sliming before! Well, here it is! I start off in a t-shirt and shorts and cover myself in my favorite colors of slime. After stripping down, I get even messier and make sure I slime eve...

Hot and Wet Shower Sex
Added 7 days ago    1078 views

Nate and Tayler have just finished filming their new slime video in their new kiddie pool. They've gotten in the shower and cleaned off, and they take advantage of the time they have for some shower sex! Nate blows a load on Tayler's chest before t...

Slime Time! Putting Our New Kiddie Pool to Use
Added 10 days ago    973 views

Nate and Tayler just invested in a kiddie pool for future WAM fun! We decide to make some colored slime and have some fun! Some paint and warm water also make an appearance!

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Initiating Tayler: Human Sundae Style!
Added 14 days ago    1181 views

This is Tayler's first WAM experience ever, and I initiate her properly! She's wearing a cute American flag bikini while I bind her to a chair in the bathtub. After she's secured, I start by pouring Hershey's chocolate syrup on her. Since just choc...

Tayler's First Time Getting Slimed
Added 17 days ago    1257 views

I finally got my methylcellulose in the mail, and am too eager to try it out. My boyfriend makes it into a clear slime and slowly pours it all over me in my cute bikini in the bath tub. Don't worry, I get naked at the end. Sorry the pictures are u...

Nate and Tayler's Slime Game
Added 21 days ago    1587 views

Tayler and Nate shoot their first slime clip together. We have six buckets of colored slime. Nate makes Tayler guess what color slime is in each bucket, one by one. If she gets it right, Nate sets It aside for her to use on him at the end of the g...

Initiation Retaliation: Sweet Revenge on Nate
Added 12 days ago    753 views

I decided my boyfriend needed a WAM human sundae experience, too, so guess what I did... I tie him to a chair in the bathtub in my bikini and blindfold him. I cover him with chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, caramel syrup, whipped cream, whipped c...

WAM Blowjob
Added 24 days ago    2138 views

This has been one of the most fun WAM videos we have done yet! Nate takes Tayler into the shower to give him a blowjob. What fun would it be without a mess though?! As Tayler sucks his dick, Nate drenches her with chocolate syrup, cake batter, str...

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