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Bean Bath over Skype
Added 9/26/17    1018 views
Sometimes my girlfriend and I are apart for long stretches of time, and so we need to make sure our love of WAM doesn't suffer as a result. During one of our Skype calls, we decided that I was in need of a bean bath. You'll see me cover my entire bod...
Nate and Tayler's Slime Game
Added 10/2/17    2396 views
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Tayler and Nate shoot their first slime clip together. We have six buckets of colored slime. Nate makes Tayler guess what color slime is in each bucket, one by one. If she gets it right, Nate sets It aside for her to use on him at the end of the g...
My First Solo Sliming!
Added 10/18/17    504 views
I've done a lot of wamming but have never actually done a solo sliming before! Well, here it is! I start off in a t-shirt and shorts and cover myself in my favorite colors of slime. After stripping down, I get even messier and make sure I slime eve...
Hot and Wet Shower Sex
Added 10/16/17    1785 views
Nate and Tayler have just finished filming their new slime video in their new kiddie pool. They've gotten in the shower and cleaned off, and they take advantage of the time they have for some shower sex! Nate blows a load on Tayler's chest before t...
WAM Blowjob
Added 9/29/17    3974 views
This has been one of the most fun WAM videos we have done yet! Nate takes Tayler into the shower to give him a blowjob. What fun would it be without a mess though?! As Tayler sucks his dick, Nate drenches her with chocolate syrup, cake batter, str...
Slime Time! Putting Our New Kiddie Pool to Use
Added 10/13/17    1568 views
Nate and Tayler just invested in a kiddie pool for future WAM fun! We decide to make some colored slime and have some fun! Some paint and warm water also make an appearance!
Messy Valentine Part 2
Added 10/31/17    1104 views
This video was filmed immediately after "Who Needs a Valentine Anyway?." Nate comes home and catches Tayler covered in chocolate and desserts, and decides to join her and add on to her already messy body.
Initiating Tayler: Human Sundae Style!
Added 10/9/17    1814 views
This is Tayler's first WAM experience ever, and I initiate her properly! She's wearing a cute American flag bikini while I bind her to a chair in the bathtub. After she's secured, I start by pouring Hershey's chocolate syrup on her. Since just choc...
Initiation Retaliation: Sweet Revenge on Nate
Added 10/11/17    1210 views
I decided my boyfriend needed a WAM human sundae experience, too, so guess what I did... I tie him to a chair in the bathtub in my bikini and blindfold him. I cover him with chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, caramel syrup, whipped cream, whipped c...

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